Name: Alysse

Hometown: Mississauga

Years with the Rock: 2

Education: York U – Dance, Brock U – Education

Job: Dance Teacher

Dream Job: Teacher

Pre-Game rituals: Locker room dance party!

Song I’m probably listening to right now: Solo Dance – Martin Jensen

My hero: My Mom of course

Favourite Pizza Pizza topping combination: Feta, Bacon, and Green Olives… yumm!

Favourite place in Toronto: The Exhibition

Favourite Movie: Centre Stage

Favourite TV Show: Friends

My beauty secret is: Lots of mascara!!!

Specialty in the kitchen: Chicken Parm

Favourite Toronto Rock Player (Past or Present): Nick Rose

Three things I can’t leave the house without: A snack, a tea and chap stick

In 10 years I’ll be: Still dancing

Advice for aspiring Rock Cheerleaders: Never give up!