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Shelley Foster
shots on goal were close for both teams for most of the game.
2014-02-15 22:47:09
Sara Kiamehr
Please help !!!
WE have the players , let's coach them to win.
2014-02-16 00:18:21
Lisa tjernstrom
How can you say Nick Rose is your best player? The man does not move. I get that he is calm But really?? Half the time he doesn't seem to know where the ball is. Dribbles and rebounds get In all the time. Time for a new goalie boys.
2014-02-16 00:24:16
I would say England cost them the game - those two penalties just killed the Rock momentum when they had been playing pretty good - but it was Lovell who really cost them. Bench England after the 2nd penalty and send a message to the team. And bench "Rosie" when he starts his "stand there like a statue" routine, not long after the game is out of reach, and maybe we win this game. Inaction by the coach cost the Rock the game. If you don't trust Boychuck, get someone else. Billings was invisible tonight - Waste of a good effort by Doyle. He looked 30 again for awhile there... Very disappointing.
2014-02-16 01:31:49

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