Name: Cassandra

Hometown: Acton

Years with the Rock: ROOKIE

Education: Bachelor of Commerce Honors – Marketing

Digital Media Marketing Postgraduate Studies

Job: I work as a Media Strategist across multiple brands.

Pre-Game rituals: Before any performance you will always find me jumping up and down with excitement boosting my energy up and laughing with the team.

Song I’m probably listening to right now: ‘Ballerina’ by Belly.

Favourite Pizza Pizza topping combination: Pineapple, Sundried Tomatoes, and Roasted Red Peppers.

Favourite Booster Juice: Pomegranate Passion with no Raspberries and an energy Booster.

Favourite place in Toronto: My favourite place in Toronto would have to be the island. I love the water so there is nothing more enjoyable then a nice relaxing day at the beach with a ferry ride home.

Specialty in the kitchen: I love making Mexican food. I’d say my favorite dish to make and indulge in would be quinoa burrito bowls.

Celeb crush: Leonardo DiCaprio. No matter what role he plays from, ‘What’s eating Gilbert Grape’ to ‘The Great Gatsby’ he has never failed to impress me.

In 10 years I’ll be: In ten years I hope that I am comfortably situated in a job that I absolutely love, living in a house on property and coming home to some awesome little mini – mes. If all that fails you will likely find me travelling the world and blogging about the different cultures.

Advice for aspiring Rock Cheerleaders: The advice I would give to any aspiring Rock Cheerleaders is to take the risk. I understand it can be entirely nerve wracking to show up to a tryout with other girls, but if it something you’ve always dreamt of doing make it a goal and achieve it. When I finished school I wrote down that I would be a Toronto Rock Cheerleader in big writing on my white board and reminded myself that every day until my goal was achieved. Now I could not be happier to be a part of this family. It is a new year so make it one of your goals you want to achieve write it down look at it every day and come out in the fall!