Name: Kianna Forrest

Hometown: Hampton, Ontario

Years with the Rock: Rookie

Education: Ryerson University

Job: Professional Dancer and Dance Teacher

Dream Job: A Rockette

Pre-Game rituals: Jumping into the splits, team huddle, and going over the dance while blasting music

The song that makes me dance right now: Bodak Yellow by Cardi B

On the top of my bucket list: Sky Diving

Favourite Pizza Pizza topping combination: No Chesse (I’m lactose) with mushrooms and pepperoni

Favourite place in Toronto: Distillery District and the Eaton Centre

Favourite Movie: The Proposal

Favourite TV Show: My favourites are Bachelors, Blackish, Modern Family, Suits, and Grey’s Anatomy

My beauty secret is: Eyelash Extensions

Specialty in the kitchen: Making eggs because it’s easy to do

Favourite Toronto Rock Player (Past or Present): Dan Lintner

Celeb crush: Jordan Spieth

Three things I can’t leave the house without: My phone, my keys, and a smile

In 5 years I’ll be: I will still be dancing and hopefully having a happily ever after.

Advice for aspiring Rock Cheerleaders: Try your best and give 100% effort and never give up. Give it your all! Smile all the time, have lots of energy, and always be kind!