Name: Melissa

Hometown: Toronto

Years with the Rock: 1

Education: Advertising and marketing communications

Job: Research analyst

Dream Job: Beyoncé’s backup dancer

Pre-Game rituals: Warm-up and go over the routines

The song that makes me dance right now: Nailah Blackman’s music always makes me want to dance!

Favourite Pizza Pizza topping combination: Bacon and Pineapple

Favourite place in Toronto: The Waterfront

Specialty in the kitchen: Baking!

My beauty secret: Drink 3 litres of water a day if you want a glowing complexion!

Three things I can’t leave the house without my: lotion, water bottle, and lip balm

Celeb crush: Kellan Lutz

Favourite Toronto Rock Player (Past or Present): I don’t pick favourites

In 5 years I’ll be: Fulfilling my dreams.

Advice for aspiring Rock Cheerleaders: My advice for aspiring rock cheerleaders is to never give up on your dreams.