Name: Rebecca

Hometown: Newcastle

Years with the Rock: 1

Education: Bachelor of Arts Degree in Children’s Studies

Job: Early Childhood Educator Assistant

Pre-Game rituals: I go over all of our dances in my head before the game!

Song I’m probably listening to right now: I really like ‘Love on the Brain’ by Rihanna.

Favourite Pizza Pizza topping combination: I love pepperoni, chicken and bacon strips with Texas barbecue sauce!

Favourite Booster Juice: I love mixed berry!

Favourite place in Toronto: I can’t just choose one, so I’d have to say the Toronto Zoo and Ripley’s Aquarium!

Specialty in the kitchen: I make a pretty good chili!

In 10 years I’ll be: Continuing to live my life to the fullest, and hopefully travelling around the world!

Advice for aspiring Rock Cheerleaders: Never give up on your dream! Continue to work hard, and train! Positive energy and determination will create success!