Name: Sarah

Hometown: Uxbridge, Ontario

Years with the Rock: 1

Education: Dance (BFA) & French (BA)

Job: I wear many different hats. Currently, I work for a bank, perform as a dancer and actress, I teach and tutor dance and French, and in my spare time I enjoy working promotional events

Pre-Game rituals: I usually take my dog for a walk since I know I will be home late and then I blast some of my favourite music while I get ready.

The song that makes me dance right now: I’m a dancer, what song doesn’t make me dance?

Favourite Movie: My favourite movie is and will always be Titanic.

Favourite TV Show: My favourite TV Show, right now, would have to be Riverdale and/or Game of Thrones.

Favourite Pizza Pizza topping combination: I like a lot of cheese and pepperoni.

Favourite place in Toronto: I love movies, so any theatre in Toronto would do!

On the top of my bucket list: I am dying to visit Australia!

Specialty in the kitchen: I make a good tomato-basil pasta with Italian sausages.

Celeb crush: Leonardo DiCaprio

In 5 years I’ll be: I’ll be answering this question again because I’m probably still going to be on the team (shout-out to our amazing former captain Katie and if you’re a Rock fan you know who she is).

Advice for aspiring Rock Cheerleaders: Never be afraid to take a risk. Whether you fail or not, you never know where an opportunity can take you.