Name: Sarah

Hometown: Uxbridge, Ontario

Years with the Rock: ROOKIE

Education: Currently, I am in my last year at York University completing a double major in Dance (BFA) & French Studies (BA)

Job: Due to my school schedule, I do promo, acting, and dance gigs whenever I can.

Pre-Game rituals: I always listen to my favourite dance songs.

Song I’m probably listening to right now: Anything by Missy Elliot!

Favourite Pizza Pizza topping combination: I like a lot of cheese and pepperoni.

Favourite Booster Juice: I always get a Mango Hurricane with no yogurt.

Favourite place in Toronto: I love movies, so any theatre in Toronto would do!

Specialty in the kitchen: I make a good tomato-basil pasta with Italian sausages.

Celeb crush: Leonardo DiCaprio

In 10 years I’ll be: Hopefully in a house big enough to enable me to adopt and rescue as many dogs as I possibly can.

Advice for aspiring Rock Cheerleaders: As cheesy as it sounds, never give up on your dreams. If you want it, go for it. If you are told no, keep trying. Your hard work and determination will pay off in the long run. The only opinion that matters is your own and what you think you are capable of.