Name: Victoria

Hometown: Whitby

Years with the Rock: ROOKIE

Education: George Brown College and Ryerson University

Job: Dancer, Promotional Model, Dance Teacher

Dream Job: Own a dance studio and be a physiotherapist

Pre-Game rituals: I like to get a smoothie and warm up at the gym before games.

The song that makes me dance right now: One Dance by Drake

On the top of my bucket list: To Travel

My hero: Wonder Woman

Favourite Pizza Pizza topping combination: Cheese, I love margherita pizza.

Favourite place in Toronto: The ACC, I love taking part, or going to sports events as well as going to concerts.

Favourite Movie: Step up

Favourite TV Show: Gossip Girl

My beauty secret is: Always taking part in fitness activities, enjoying the outdoors and getting a tan.

Specialty in the kitchen: Chicken Alfredo

Favourite Toronto Rock Player (Past or Present): Colin Doyle

Celeb crush: Channing Tatum

Three things I can’t leave the house without: My phone, make-up, and wallet

In 5 years I’ll be: Happy and successful from accomplishing all my goals

Advice for aspiring Rock Cheerleaders: To always stay positive and never give up, you are capable of doing anything you want with determination and hard work.