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5 Questions With Johnny Powless

In this edition of 5 Questions we bring in Johnny Pow Pow Powless!

Q1: What was it like to play for the Toronto Rock this season in your home town?  

A. It was awesome playing for such a great organization in the Toronto Rock. It’s nice to be close to home so my family and friends were able to make a few games and watch me play.

Q2: Over this summer you had baby, Nathan. What’s it like being a Dad for the first time?

A. It’s pretty cool, every week I’m learning something new or he is doing something new. Whenever I have a bad day or bad game and  I come home and see him that feeling goes away.

Q3: What is your pre-game meal?

A. My favourite pre-game meal is chicken parm.

Q4: What’s the story behind your names Johnny Pow Pow Powless and Pup?

A. Our PA guy Mike Hancock started the Johnny Pow Pow Powless as a play on my name and when I first came into the league I was called pup because I was so young. The older players still call me that to this day.

 Q5: Who is your roommate on the road what is a perk of having him as a roommate?    

A. Dan Craig is my roommate on the road. The Perk of having him as a roomie is that he is so neat and tidy, everything is always clean.






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