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5 Questions With Nick Rose

Nick Rose jumps out of the net and into the hot seat this week.  Here’s 5 answers, to our 5 questions!

Q1: Favourite thing about playing in Toronto?

A. Getting the chance to play close to my hometown in front of friends and family.

Q2: What Actor would play you in a movie? 

A: Seth Rogen.

Q3: Who is the most superstitious guy on the team?  

A: Myself, Challen tapes my pads the same way and Billy puts on my jersey every game.

Q4: Goalies aren’t known for their scoring ability, but you have 3 goals in your career! What did it feel like to score your first NLL goal? 

A: It was a great feeling to score a goal from the far end.  But, only because it came in a winning effort.

Q5: Do you play any other sports besides lacrosse?

A: I enjoy playing most sports to have fun with friends. The other sports I play are basketball, football and hockey.


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