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5 Questions With Brandon Slade

This week we slide into 5 Questions with Brandon Slade.

Q1: How do you feel your first full season of lacrosse went? 

A. Playing for Toronto has always been a dream of mine. Playing my first full season was incredible. The biggest takeaway of the year was just observing the tendencies of the vets and always trying to learn from them.

Q2: What areas of your game are you working on the most this summer? 

A. I am still trying to adapt to the nature of the NLL, the speed and the physicality. I have also been working on gaining some muscle.

Q3: Who is the worst trash talker on the team??  

A. The worst trash talker on the team has to be Sheldon Burns. He’s too busy on his phone to engage in any chirps

Q4: Where would you go for your dream summer vacation?

A. My dream summer vacation would be living on the lake at a cottage for the whole summer.

Q5: During the summer where are you more likely to be at the beach or swimming pool?  

A. You will always catch me at the beach over the pool, playing some spikeball with the fellas.


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