Ticket Policy & FAQ

2020-21 Season Membership Policies and FAQ

Rock fans can now renew or purchase their 2020-21 Season Memberships and those that commited to next season before June 15th, 2020 received an Early Bird Bonus along with fantastic Season Membership benefits. Please see below for answers to some of our most frequently asked questions, along with our policies:



  • How do I renew/purchase my membership?

    To renew or purchase your 2021 Toronto Rock membership please click here. Or, to speak with someone, please contact our dedicated membership services representative Andrea DiNardo at [email protected] with any questions or inquiries.

  • Can I still use my 2019-20 Toronto Rock Membership Credit towards next season?

    Yes. The Toronto Rock encourages all returning Season Members to use their unused credit for cancelled games towards next season’s renewal. Depending on your seat location and used tickets from last season your credit will differ. For more information please contact Andrea DiNardo at [email protected]


  • What benefits come along with being an Early Bird purchaser?

    Anyone who has committed to the 2021 Toronto Rock Membership before June 15th, 2020 receives an Early Bird Bonus. The Early Bird Bonus consists of two main additional benefits. First, you will receive a $25 merchandise credit per seat (additional details below), second, you will double your bring a friend vouchers for next season to FOUR vouchers per seat! Renew or purchase now. This Offer expired on June 15, 2020 – but of course, you can still renew or purchase a 2021 Season Membership.

  • When will I have to pay for my 2021 Toronto Rock Season Memberships?

    All fans will have the option to pay for their 2021 Season Membership up front, however with the current circumstances, we are allowing fans to defer their payments until there is a clearer picture surrounding the 2021 Rock season to help with the uncertainty of the pandemic.

    If a Toronto Rock Season Member who committed to purchase or renew their membership for the 2021 season has a change of heart or feels uncomfortable between now and the start of the 2021 Rock season and wants to retract their commitment based on pandemic related issues, the Toronto Rock will honour the request of a refund.

    This applies to full payments along with payment plans. Credits from last year will still be applied to your account as stated above.

  • How do I use my $25 merchandise credit?

    Every fan that qualifies for the Early Bird Bonus will receive a $25 merchandise credit. This will be a one-time use code that will be limited to one $25 merchandise credit per order. For example, if you are purchasing two Season Memberships you will receive two separate one-time use codes that cannot be used together in the same transaction.

    The $25 merchandise credit one-time use codes will be sent to each member once their first payment has been received. If you choose to pay up front in full, your merchandise credit will be sent immediately. If a fan chooses to defer payments until September, they will receive their merchandise credit once payment is made. Visit the Toronto Rock Team Shop

  • What if I commit to a 2021 Season Membership and the season is either cancelled or played with no fans in attendance?

    All 2021 Toronto Rock Season members will have the following 2 options if this scenario becomes a reality:

    • All credits from the last two seasons can be transferred to the next season. This would include all 2019-20 cancelled games and payments made towards the 2021 season.
    • Fans may always request a refund for any tickets purchased to games that are not played.