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Dawick Roars Into Day 3 At WSOP

Las Vegas, Nevada – A late day double-up pushed Toronto Rock Owner and President Jamie Dawick’s chip stack to 85,600 to close out Day 2B at the 2013 World Series of Poker Main Event.  The entire field will come together on Thursday for Day 3 at the Rio All-Suite Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

After steadily building his chip stack throughout Day 2B at the WSOP Main Event on Tuesday, Dawick saw his chip total shrink to around 40,000.  His chip count was as high as 115,000 at the dinner break.

Coming out of the 90-minute breather, Dawick found himself seated at a table with poker pro Tuan Le, a winner of a pair of World Poker Tour events earning over $4.4 million in the two wins.

“After dinner I knew I was changing tables,” said Dawick of the game of musical chairs that ensued after grabbing a bite to eat.  “I knew it wasn’t going to be as good as the table I had at the beginning of the day.  Everyone had at least 100,000 worth of chips.  I was card dead and it was tough to play against good players with a stack.”

With his chips dwindling and advancing to Day 3 becoming less of a slam dunk than it was just a couple of hours earlier, Dawick finally caught the starting hand he had waited almost two days to find it’s way to him.

“They announced there would be 4 hands left to play for the night,” Dawick explained.  “On the second last hand, there was a raise and a couple calls.  I said out loud ‘Please just wake up with a hand’, I looked down and I had pocket aces.  I made a big raise, got re-raised all-in by the original raiser and fortunately my Aces held up and I went from 40,000 to 88,000 chips.  I lost a few chips with pocket 8’s on the very last hand.”

Nick Schwarmann leads the tournament with 413,00 chips and has already cashed twice at this year’s WSOP.  On the 10th anniversary of his now historic Main Event win, former champion Chris Moneymaker was eliminated on Day 2B on the first level of play.

More coverage to come as Dawick continues to pursue poker’s most prestigious prize on Thursday at the Rio All-Suite Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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