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Pat Campbell Launches Lacrosse App

Toronto – Toronto Rock goaltender Pat Campbell is showing the world he’s more than just a talented athlete.  Recently, his creation Shooter Lacrosse App hit the iTunes marketplace and is available for download with the ability to play the game on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Campbell came up with the concept for the app while completing his diploma in Computer Programming at Niagara College and a degree in Social Science at Brock University.  “Due to my career in lacrosse I’ve been afforded the luxury of exceeding, in fact doubling, Van Wilder’s stint in school (14 years),” joked Campbell.

The game was originally slated for the X-Box Live marketplace but with the increase in popularity of tablets and smart phones, his game plan changed.

“The current version of the game will continue to evolve along with my ideas,” said Campbell.  “Once this project started it just kept picking up steam.  Now that it’s live and we’re getting so much positive feedback, I am already beginning to add features to enhance the game through free version updates.”

In order to get an App for sale on iTunes you have to follow strict development guidelines. The expectations for developers are quite clear and they carry a reputation for performing the most diligent review process for approval on iTunes.

“The first hurdle was getting approved as developers,” explained the 13-year NLL veteran.  “Thankfully my Father’s company has been around since 1989 and working in software for the past decade, so we were able to expedite that process slightly. Once approved as developers there is a provisional set-up and submission process for any App you create. Once submitted for review the timeline can range from days to weeks to months and let me tell you, this is a very nerve racking time after putting months and months into a project.  Thankfully, Shooter Lacrosse was approved in decent time and is for sale on iTunes now. We are releasing the Android version as well next month and wish we didn’t wait on that with all the recent requests.”

There were few true obstacles in getting the game out to the public, however Apple does have stringent guidelines when it comes to the content that will get you the desired age related rating you’re after.

“I had to clean up my reel of comments which the commentator announces after every shot,” remarked Campbell.  “Oddly enough, making reference to stone hands and cement heads won’t ensure you a 4+ Age rating.  Too bad the good folks at Apple don’t base the rating on (Rock) Coach (Troy) Cordingley’s vocabulary.”

Campbell plans on launching several other lacrosse games this summer at all different price points.  Shooter Lacrosse will be available at a fixed price.  Currently, it is a single player game and the feedback has been incredible.  However, Campbell says this version is just practice for what’s to come.  In April, there are plans to unlock the multiplayer feature allowing players to play against one another via bluetooth, wifi, or their cellular network.

“This is a breaking edge technology which we worked hard on and can’t wait to launch,” said an enthused Campbell.  “It’s just one of many free enhancements to be provided through future updates in Shooter Lacrosse.”

The current version of Shooter Lacrosse is the outdoor field lacrosse version of the game.  Campbell has made his living playing indoor lacrosse in the National Lacrosse League and the box lacrosse version of the game is on its way.  Campbell believes lacrosse fans will be able to get a real feel for the indoor game when they get their hands on the new box lacrosse version.

“It’s a very realistic indoor lacrosse experience,” said Campbell.  “There are some added features that weren’t in the original Shooter Lacrosse version but it’s basically the same concept.  It is now complete in beta form, I’m just waiting to see how Shooter Lacrosse and the upcoming multi-player features are received by gamers first. I want to use the feedback and what I’ve learned with Shooter Lacrosse to put the final polishes on the box lacrosse version and to continually improve Shooter Lacrosse.”

So what’s next for the Toronto Rock netminder?

“I would love to win another championship this year in Toronto, so that is where my real focus is right now,” said Campbell.  “Once this NLL season is done, I have all sorts of cool ideas which I now know how to bring to life in video games.  My keyboard will be worn down by the time next season starts but hopefully I’ll be able to provide some awesome games to get everyone through the down time in their day.”

To get your hands on Shooter Lacrosse, simply visit the link and purchase the game on iTunes.

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