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School House Rock Program Fully Underway!

The Toronto Rock’s “School House Rock” program, for many years, has been a big part of the teams’ effort to get into the community and spend some time with the youth in and out of the GTA.  The program brings along a strong positive message for the students on teamwork and leadership in a fun and interactive setting.

On Tuesday February 23rd Toronto Rock captain, Colin Doyle, visited Captain R. Wilson Public School in Oakville as part of the 2010 School House Rock Program.  Nearly 150 excited students ranging from grades 5-7 packed the gym for the presentation as Colin shared his message about leadership, accountability, and teamwork and their importance on and off the turf.

“Lacrosse is very dear to my heart, but issues like respect, leadership and accountability are even more important to me,” said Doyle.  “I hope that hearing about issues such as these as well as leading a healthy, active lifestyle puts pressure on the students to do the right thing in every aspect of their lives, not only in sports.”

The NLL veteran spent the rest of the hour showing off his lacrosse moves, teaching the basics of the sport, and answering a few questions. Many of the students volunteered to help Colin by offering their ideas about what teamwork means to them and answering his questions getting them involved in the presentation.  Colin was even assisted by some of the students as they demonstrated lacrosse skills for the group and were shown how to use a lacrosse stick.

“I know I learn something new about myself at every new school, it is my hope that the kids do the same,” said Colin about the experience.      

The School House Rock program runs every Tuesday, either in the morning or afternoon until the end of June 2010.   

New for the 2010 season, the Toronto Rock launched a school program targeted to high school gym classes where Colin Doyle will come into high schools and teach the basics of lacrosse to your gym class!

To have Colin Doyle visit your school please click here to register.   Available dates are filling up fast and space is limited!     


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