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Cheerleader Appearance Guidelines

The following information is provided to assist in making an appearance request to include Toronto Rock Cheerleaders at your charity, corporate or community event. Each request will receive fair and reasonable consideration; however the Toronto Rock Cheerleaders will not be able to attend all requested appearances. All appearances will be subject to Toronto Rock head office approval.

General Information:

If you are interested in requesting the Toronto Rock Cheerleaders for your event, please complete and submit the Appearance Request Form.

All requests must be submitted at least 4 weeks in advance of the event. Cheerleaders are generally confirmed 2 weeks prior to the event date.

Request the Toronto Rock Cheerleaders for your event


We appreciate that our cheerleaders’ time is maximized and that a large number of event attendees are influenced by their visit, therefore the Toronto Rock Head Office will need to be provided with a clear role for the event with the following information:

  • Date, Time & Location of appearance requested
  • Clear description/directions for meeting spot upon arrival
  • Details for on-site parking
  • On-site contact name, email address and cell phone number
  • Expectations for Cheerleaders during event – autographs, mingle, photographs etc.
  • Will a dance or cheer performance be expected?* (dances are 1:00 minute in length)

*Cheerleaders cannot cheer/dance unless requested ahead of time

Please note that preference is given to events/functions that include: direct interaction with children, charity fundraisers and publicity opportunities for the Toronto Rock Lacrosse Club


Due to the costs associated with scheduling and traveling, all of our Cheerleader appearance requests do have fees associated with them:

  • Minimum two (2) hour appearance
  • Minimum two (2) Cheerleaders per event. If a dance performance is requested, a minimum of four (4) Cheerleaders must be booked.
  • $50.00 per Cheerleader for first two hours and $15.00 per Cheerleader for each additional hour

Most appearances occur inside the GTA, however if an appearance request is outside of this area, the cheerleaders’ transportation, meals, parking and if necessary hotel accommodations are in addition to the appearance fee and will be coordinated with the Toronto Rock Head Office prior to payment due date.

Payments must be made at least one (1) week prior to the event.


The Toronto Rock Cheerleaders do have a flexible schedule; however our 4 week notice policy is very important for scheduling reasons.

Additional Information:

  • A sound system with a CD player or iPod connection must be provided. Cheerleaders will arrive with music prepared to accommodate either.
  • Water will need to be provided for Cheerleaders while they are working.
  • If an autograph session is requested, please provide a skirted table or booth with chairs.
  • Use of the Toronto Rock name, logos and trademarks and/or any advertising that implies the support or sponsorship of an event by the Toronto Rock, MUST be approved in writing by the Toronto Rock Lacrosse Club prior to the event date.
  • Cheerleaders are not permitted to serve food and/or beverages at events.
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