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The Toronto Rock Lacrosse Club of the National Lacrosse League (NLL) is excited to provide your school community with an opportunity to participate in both an educational and interactive and customizable lacrosse program.

Lacrosse, with strong historic Canadian roots, was a game created by North American Indigenous peoples and was traditionally used for conflict resolution, religious ritual, spiritual tribute or tribal training for future battle. By exposing students to experience the game and also learn about its history, supports their understanding of equity, fair play and respect for diversity.

This program is open to all students, K-12, and was developed by Toronto Rock forward and NLL all-time great, Dan Dawson. Directed by Toronto Rock Captain Challen Rogers, program leaders will share their first-hand knowledge of how the game can positively impact a person’s life as well as their deep respect for the history of the game as it relates to our Canadian culture.

Dawson and Rogers, along with other Toronto Rock players will present a program focused on equity, honour, and respect for diversity. Through the program, students will learn the history of the game and its connection to Indigenous culture, develop fundamental lacrosse skills, and gain a greater understanding of how, through sport, we can establish a stronger sense of community.

Compliance with OPHEA Standards (we are classified as Lacrosse (Inter[Soft]) by OPHEA, the program implements two major objectives:

  • Engage students in a new physical activity and support them in achieving personal goals that allow them to lead healthy, active lifestyles
  • Learn about one of Canada’s National Sports and how lacrosse is tied to our Indigenous culture

‘By providing cross curricular connections to history, social studies, geography, character education and language, students will gain a knowledge and understanding, on a variety of levels, about a topic from multiple perspectives.

The program offers single or multi-day activations, which can be customizable and modified to fit your school’s needs or wants. A typical agenda includes a school assembly followed by hands on instructional sessions to round out the day with an opportunity to continue over another day or two. The agenda for each school will be designed to ensure the desired learning goals of your students, various classes or the entire school are met.

Program Costs are: $600 per day and lacrosse sticks can be purchased for $35 each + HST (optional)

If you are interested in booking this program, please click here.

Questions about the program or how to customize? Please contact:

Andrea Di Nardo
416-596-3075 ext. 237

We look forward to hearing from you!

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