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5 Questions With Adam Jones

This week we ask Mr. Jones 5 Questions

Q1: Best advice you have ever received?? 

A. Don’t care what other people think.

Q2: Who is your hero?

A. My dad, Brian. I knew he played lacrosse, but he was so humble that he didn’t tell me he won both the Mann Cup and a World Field Lacrosse Championship in 1978 until I was 19. He has been a great role model and always supportive of my lacrosse and life endeavours.

Q3: Who has the worst dance moves on the team? 

A. I would have to say myself, they aren’t the best moves.

Q4: How long after the season ends do you usually begin your offseason training?

A. If I play in the summer it makes it hard to train as I have to travel a long distance for games. If I am not playing summer ball, my training regimen starts in August.

Q5: Where is your favourite vacation spot?  

A. Favourite vacation spot has to be various cottages around Ontario. I enjoy relaxing and hanging out with family and friends as well as ice fishing in the winter and boating in the summer.

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