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5 Questions With Damon Edwards

Q1: What would be your dream starting Lacrosse lineup?  

A. Sandy Chapman – One of the smartest, most relentless, reliable, hard-working teammates I have ever played with.

Josh Sanderson – The guy is all heart and will do anything to help the team win.

Colin Doyle – One of the best leaders I have had the pleasure to play with. If you need a big-time goal, he’s your guy. The man just knows how to win.

Billy Hostraswer – This guy will do anything to protect his teammates and he has some filthy mitts around the cage.

Challen Rogers – He’s the best all-around lacrosse player in the world right now and just keeps getting better.

Nick Rose- The best teammate I’ve ever had, if you need a big-time save, pass or goal, he’s your guy.

Q2: You’re entering your 9th NLL season, is there anything new you are learning about the league?

A. It seems surreal that I am entering my 9th season, it feels like yesterday I was one of the younger guys on the team making fun of the older guys, now the roles seemed to have reversed. It’s important to keep an open mind and you should always be learning, I am lucky enough to be surrounded by some of the best lacrosse players in the world and always keep my ears and eyes open to learn new tips. It’s important for me to stay in top shape to keep up with some of these young guys because I am certainly not getting any younger, so any edge I can get helps. Being a veteran in the league now, I have also learned the importance of maintenance days, as lacrosse players we put a lot of stress on our body and it is important to let your body rest sometimes.

Q3: This past season you were the recipient of the Les Bartley Award, what did it mean to receive the award?

A. Winning the Les Bartley Award was one of the biggest honours I’ve had in a Rock Jersey. Listening to past teammates talk about Les, I know what an amazing coach and person he was. If you take a look back at all the names that have received the Les Bartley Award, it’s even more of an honour to be beside some of those legendary names. I just hope I can do half the job of some of those leaders.

Q4: Favourite Sports teams?

A.  Toronto Argonauts – My dad used to play for them, so I’ll be a lifelong fan.

Toronto Maple Leafs – Growing up in Toronto, my first memories of the Leafs were of Dougie Gilmour and Wendel Clark.  It’s hard not to be a lifelong fan after that.

Toronto Raptors – Ever since I heard the name Damon Stoudamire aka Mighty Mouse, I was a fan. #WeTheNorth

Baltimore Ravens – I went to a lacrosse tournament when I was younger and got to see the stadium first hand, I was in complete awe, being a Canadian kid I didn’t have an NFL team at the time so they quickly became my team.

 Q5: Which guy on the team would be the worst actor?    

A. Nick Rose 100%! The guy hasn’t seen a movie he doesn’t like, so I’m not sure if knows what good acting or bad acting really is.


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