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5 Questions With Dan Craig

This week we scope agent 007 into 5 Questions.

Q1: Any vacation plans for the summer? 

A. No real vacation planned, just heading up to the girlfriend’s cottage having fun out on the water, kayaking, swimming and tubing.

Q2: What other sports teams do you cheer for?

A. The Toronto Raptors.  I love basketball and have cheered them on for many years. I was very happy to see them take home the Larry O’Brien Trophy this year.

Q3: When you’re not playing lacrosse, what do you like to do? 

A. Cook different dishes in the kitchen.

Q4: How did you get your nickname Agent 007? 

A. I got the nickname from David Goodwin, he’s the Penn State Men’s Hockey Captain and a close friend of mine.  Also, maybe a bit of a connection to the actor named Daniel Craig who plays James Bond.

Q5: Who’s the worst singer on the team? 

A. Sheldon Burns.


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