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5 Questions With Rob Hellyer

Robbie Who? What? Where? When? & Why? Here are 5 questions for Rob Hellyer.

Q1: Who’s the funniest guy on the team? 

A. Jonesy! He’s a walking comedian and anything you say, he makes a joke out of it. I can never get away from him since he’s also my roommate.

Q2: What is your favourite thing about Rock City? 

A. We have the most loyal and passionate fans in the league and so many of them have been around since day one. It’s been a dream come true to play for the Toronto Rock.

Q3: What has been your most memorable moment in a Rock jersey? 

A. Winning the NLL Championship in my first year with the team in 2011, alongside guys that I grew up watching, was an unforgettable experience.

Q4: Favourite movie? 

A. Wolf of Wallstreet.

Q5: How did the whole ‘Robbie Who?!’ chant come to fruition? 

A. It was something our PA Announcer and Communications guy (Mike Hancock) started as a crowd-pleaser. I’m not complaining at all, I love it!

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