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5 Questions With Tom Schreiber

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it’s Tom Schreiber. This week Captain America swoops in for 5 Questions.

Q1: What’s the full story behind the nickname Captain America? 

A. Captain America originated from (Rock B/R Live Play by Play Announcer) Andy McNamara during my rookie season in Toronto. I’m certainly appreciative of it, but I’ve been slow to embrace it. I think there have been plenty of American players that have been successful in the NLL that are more deserving.

Q2: If you could have one superpower, what would it be??

A: The power to heal. I saw it in a lacrosse article and I remember thinking that would be the perfect power.

Q3: Why do you wear number 26??  

It’s a tribute to my Dad. He wore #26 during his career. He’s been a huge part of my life and lacrosse career.

Q4: Favourite thing about East Meadow, New York?

A: My favourite thing about my hometown is the proximity to the beach. I grew up around the ocean and I love it.

Q5: Who is the best-dressed guy on the team??

A: Rob Hellyer. I’ve asked him for some tips for the last few years. Id like to think he’s helped me step up my wardrobe game.


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