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Dancin’ Dish


Hey Rock Fans!

Did everyone see us on Breakfast Television ?!?!?!?!?  Well if you didn’t you should definatly check it out on YouTube. It was a really early morning but we managed to put smiles on our faces to brighten everyone’s day. There’s nothing better than waking up bright and early to go dance with all the Hot Rock Ladies and to promote and support the Toronto Rock!~

Saturday was a big day for all of us, the playoff game against Buffalo plus we had a hot new dance to perform for all the fans!!! The night started out great, I could feel the energy as I first stepped in the ACC, I could feel us winning and advancing further. As for the started off not so great but like the person I am I like to think positive and had faith that things would turn around and sure enough they did. The guys tied it up in the forth. I’ve never seen or heard the dancers, fans …the WHOLE ACC this loud before. It was at that moment that I knew we were going to WIN!!  And we did 13-11!! This means they will face Orlando this Saturday May 8th for a chance at advancing to the Championships against Edmonton or Washington !!!  The Hot Rocks are very excited to see the team continue but for us the season is over and there are no more home games, meaning no more Thursday night rehearsal and ZUMBAAAA !!!, and no more dancing at the ACC …until next season. ** tear** lol    

As a rookie on the dance team it has been an amazing season. I didn’t know what to expect when I made the team but I wouldn’t ask to do anything else on a Friday or Saturday night but perform in front of thousands of people and cheer on the Toronto Rock. Now I’m sitting here at RBC my day job saying ” what should I do now” ??  Well first things first , let’s keep our spirits with the team in hopes of them winning this weekend and then we can cheer them on to THE CUP!!!!  

I hope to be back next year for another exciting season, I will no longer be a rookie but I hope to see some familiar faces as well as some new faces. Most of all new dances and new outfits is what excites me!!!!!

” To the cup, To the Cup, to the CUP, CUP CUP CUP CUP!!!!”  this is just one of the things we would cheer in our dressing room since Game 1…oh the memories!  

Britt R
















Hey Fans!
Some exciting news!  We will be on Breakfast Television this Friday morning cheering on the boys and getting ready for the big game.  You can catch us between 7 and 9am. It is a really early start considering we have practice the night before but we can’t wait to dance on TV and create some hype in the city! Be sure to check us out!
As a 6 year vet of the Toronto Rock dance team, the last game of the season is always bitter sweet. This year, it was bitter because there was a slight chance we wouldn’t make playoffs and sweet because the energy and excitement was crazy and the anticipation for a win was so intense!  I’m sure you can all agree what a great game it was, from the first face-off to the last goal, the game was full of action. The teams’ hard work paid off in the end with a steep win over Rochester landing us a home play-off game!
This is super exciting as a member of the dance team, because it means we continue our season and get to perform for all of you!  
 Dancing for the Toronto Rock has definitely been a highlight for me over the past 6 years. From Thursday rehearsals, game days and team slumbers with the girls, we have all bonded and I’m sure it shows not only off the field but on the field as well!
The excitement from the last game has left us girls feeling anxious and ready for this weekend- So put on your game face fans and BRING IT ON Buffalo!
See you all there,



DANCIN’ DISH #11: We’re Back!

Hello Rock Fans,

I know it has been a little while since you have heard from any of us on the blog, but that is because we have been busy preparing for our final regular home game of the season! We are all very excited to share some new routines with you as we cheer on the boys to the championship! We have been practicing hard every week and we love the new dances we have to share with you all on Friday. Not only have I in particular been busy learning a bunch of great new dances, but I have also just started final exam time. I am studying to become a Registered Nurse at Trent University and have just finished my first year. I am now juggling studying for my finals and being part of my other family, the hot rocks! The last Rock game was very special to me as we were raising money to build a new breast cancer examination room at Sunnybrook. I hope to one day work in the oncology unit, so this cause was very important to me! I am happy to say that with the help of all of you we are almost at our goal to make this happen!! Being part of this team means the world to me. I love being part of the Rock family so much that I actually drive 2 hours from Peterborough to Mississauga every week for practices. I am very excited for the upcoming game, but I am also becoming sad because the season is almost over. Once again, being part of this team has been the highlight of my year! I hope to see you all at our last regular home game, Friday April 16th!



DANCIN’ DISH #10: Golden Moments

Hi Rock Fans,

With only two home games left in the regular season, our dance team is working really hard to bring new and exciting performances for you all to enjoy during the game.  Being on the dance team for many years now, I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the best choreographers in the GTA, but on March 28th we had a very special guest from Michigan, Kirsten Harvey, come teach us a routine.  Kirsten has a very impressive dance background, originally from Los Angles; she’s had the opportunity of working intensely with the Laker Girls for many years (so, we had quite the standard to live up to!!).  I think I can speak for all of the girls on the team when I say that working with Kirsten was an amazing experience!  All feeling a little intimidated at first, she put us to work, challenging us with a new style, making sure each step was executed precisely the way she had envisioned.  It was a long rehearsal, but once it was over, we felt rejuvenated and excited that we took on the challenge as a team!!

If there are any hockey fans out there, you’ll probably remember that March 28th was the glorious day we won the Olympic gold medal in men’s hockey!!!  As soon as rehearsal was finished, we all rushed over to a local pub to catch the game at the end of the second period.  Kirsten got to share her dance experiences with us in practice and got to share our Canadian passion for hockey with her! Go Canada Go!!!

After a lot of practice and hard work, we performed Kirsten’s dance in the 4th quarter at the last game.  I hope you all enjoyed it as much as we loved performing it for you!! 

Looking forward to seeing you all on April 2nd!!




DANCIN’ DISH #9: A Different Rock Photo Shoot
February 25, 2010

Hello All,

First off I’d like to say that I’m happy to be back! I missed a couple Rock games at the beginning of the season, due to the fact that my company and I were on tour across Canada !!! I missed all you fans, and I’m glad that I’ve been getting back into the swing of things again. My company got to perform in Vancouver , Calgary , Ottawa , Montreal and Halifax ….what an experience!!!

A handful of us Rock ladies did a photo shoot for one of our wonderful sponsors, Dedicated Clothing, this past Sunday. We all arrived at 10:30am (most of us calling each other, because we all got turned around) Oh Dundas Street makes me crazy….and Courtney with her GPS telling her to make a “diagonal turn”….good times…good times.


Although it was a long day, we all had a blast….we got our makeup and hair done by a wonderful makeup artist….I must say, I love being pampered. I’m sure all the girls would agree with me on that. The new clothing line for Dedicated Clothing looks great! We did the fall and spring line….keep checking Dedicated Clothing website to see if you can spot us Rock girls!

That’s all for now….see you at the game this Saturday!



DANCIN’DISH #8: Lights! Camera! ACTION!
February 2, 2010


Hey Rock Fans!  Katie D here again.

I just finished my first T.V hosting gig!!  Today I was representing our dance team’s AMAZING sponsor DECICATED CLOTHING, as they launched their brand Nationwide on The Shopping Channel.  Dedicated Clothing is a Canadian based company that designs and sells beautiful active wear and yoga inspired clothing.  Our team Track suits are designed and provided by Justin Ruggeiro and Dedicated Clothing! 

So here’s how it all went down!  I’ve been learning about the brand for the past couple weeks now.  Testing the clothing (which has been awesome…thanks Justin!!!), learning about the fabrics and how the clothing is designed and manufactured.  When you wear clothing you never really think about where it came from, and how it’s actually made.   So let me tell you……. there is a lot that goes into the favorite pair of yoga pants!! 

From there I went for my on air training at the shopping channel.  I got the opportunity to see the studio where we would be filming.  I got the scoop on what techniques sell products the best, and how the whole show would work.  There is a host, three models, and ME the Dedicated Clothing Expert! The host would guide me through the hour, introducing each product, and setting me up to talk about how amazing each garment is, and what It’s made of, how it fits, etc, etc.  From there I got to meet the stylist who helped put the looks together, and how the order of the show would run!   

Now here is when I start to get nervous!  I’ve got to talk for one hour straight about this product that  I’ve just started learning about !   I’ve got two weeks from my training day to get myself prepared!!  I really want to impress the owner and represent the brand!!

So I spent the next week studying my butt off so I would know the product as if I had created it myself!!  I would sit in front of the mirror and recite all the information to myself.  I figured if I could say it to myself in the mirror without messing up( or laughing, which has been known to happen with me), I would be okay!!   We had a couple practice runs at the Dedicated warehouse.  That definitely helped get my ready and ease my nerves!

So the day finally came!  I had a 7:30AM call time!  I’m definitely not a morning person, and I was pretty nervous and couldn’t fall asleep the night before so it wasn’t the easiest rolling myself out of bed.   I got my hair and make-up all done, and was ready to hit the road to get myself to the studio.  I got there safe and sound, checked in with the front desk and got my On Air Guest Pass!!  I felt a bit like a celeb with my VIP status!  I had my own dressing room, and green room, so that was quite the royal treatment!  I had a couple minutes to get myself all prepped, go over some last min details before the host of the segment knocked on the door to introduce herself, and from there on it was pretty fast paced!  

We went and met the models,  got our microphones all attached. Tanya the host,  asked me a couple questions, and we were ready to hit the set!    We step out onto the set, and it was awesome!  Three Cameras, Lighting, teleprompters, all of the dedicated clothing set up beautifully!  I thought she was just showing me the set, and all the sudden I hear on my earpiece that we’re ready for air!  OH, and did I mention that everything is completely LIVE! Yeah, that means no room for slip ups!  Tanya started by introducing the Brand, and  the first item!  From there I was introduced and the show began!  For the next hour it was non-stop talking about these amazing Products.  The models looked amazing in the clothes.  I even got to model a couple times!!  

At first I was a little nervous, but after the first couple outfits, I really got into the swing of things, and really felt comfortable in front of the camera!! The host and I had a great chemistry and it seemed to flow really well.   It was cool to see myself on the teleprompt!  I had to make sure I didn’t let myself get distracted! 

Before I knew it the host was wrapping up, and our hour for Dedicated Clothing was over!  As soon as the segment was over, I returned my micro phone and headed to my dressing room!  I turned my cell phone back on and was shocked at the amount of message I had from friends and family who had just seen me on TV!  Everyone thought I did a pretty great job, and looked comfortable in front of the camera!!  Everyone wanted to but something. So that made me think I did a pretty good job.

There were a couple funny moments that some friends caught onto.  I had to say that this one pair of pants fit the “butt” area really well.  I had decided that while practicing I wouldn’t use the work “butt” but instead I would say “bottom” or seat”.  With the show being live, and the adrenaline of wanting to do a good job, I let “butt” slip a couple times, I guess you could see it in my face and the hosts face we both thought that was pretty funny.  

It was such a wonderful experience, and I was so happy to be a part of launching such an amazing brand to Canada!!  You can even purchase some of the amazing items seen on the show at,, just search DEDICATED CLOTHING.

Hopefully this won’t be the last time you see me on TV!!

Just wanted to extend a HUGE thank you to Tiffany Richardson, and Justin at Dedicated Clothing for making this experience possible for me!

Looking forward to this weekends game! We’ve got some great dances up our sleeve, and we’ve been practicing up a storm!  Make sure you come and see us at the begining of the game to get your Toronto Rock Magnent, its got a cute picture of the HOT ROCKS on it, and all the donations go to help support the fight against Cancer!! 


xoxoxo Katie D xoxoxoxo


DANCIN’DISH #7: We Rocked Rochester
February 1, 2010

Hey Rock Fans,

On Saturday January 30th, a bus full of eager, excited, and passionate Rock fans headed to Rochester to watch the Rock take on the Knighthawks!  

A great collection of fans, Rock staff members and three Toronto Hot Rocks dancers (Kat, Courtney and myself) boarded the bus at the ACC with passports in hand and a win on our minds.

Being my first year with the Hot Rocks I was excited to be a part of the Rochester road trip. Once I got seated on the bus, the buzz of excitement was contagious and I couldn’t wait to get to the game.

The three and half hour bus ride was smooth sailing with fans sharing many great laughs and winning some great prizes along the way. T-shirts, water bottles, gift cards were all prizes awarded through a series of tough Toronto Rock trivia questions. We also held a raffle draw for a Toronto Rock jersey. I have to say, our dedicated fans sure know a lot about our team. Those tough trivia questions were no match for our fans on the bus! 

Once in Rochester, we got our tickets and were free to grab a bite to eat before the big game. Many fans headed to the Stock Exchange where the official pre-game party was being held.

Around 7:45, we headed over to the arena. Our seats were awesome! All the Rock fans were sitting right behind the Rock bench, right up to the glass! We had a great turn out and with everyone wearing their Rock gear we really made our presence known in the arena! I’m a little biased, but I think we out cheered the Rochester fans. 

After last week’s 17-3 win over Rochester at home, we were hoping for a similar outcome. After being informed on the bus that the Rock has not won a game in Rochester in years I was kind of hoping the red hair would bring some luck to the team!

As exciting as the game was, and for as hard as our boys worked it was not to be. Rochester quickly took the lead and maintained it throughout the game. The Rock came pretty close in the third quarter getting as close as a 2 goal difference; however, the Knighthawks pulled out all the stops and the final score was 16-8.

Although defeated, we had a great game and really brought the team spirit to the arena. The Rock fans were amazing and everyone really enjoyed themselves. Gathering on the bus, we had a quiet ride home. Some people fell asleep while others just chatted away about the nights events. It was a real fun time!

Arriving in Toronto around 2 am, we all said our goodbyes and good mornings and vowed to get em back next time.

All in all, everyone on the road trip had a great time. The Toronto Rock staff organized an entertaining night and the Toronto Hot Rocks enjoyed joining the fans in cheering on their beloved team. I can’t wait to do it again!

Which makes me think: Who’s ready for the next road trip?

The Toronto Rock is hosting another road trip in April. This time to take on the Buffalo Bandits! I know I’ll be there, will you?
Keep checking the website for upcoming information on how to book your seat to Buffalo in April!!!!

See you on Friday February 5th when we take on Philadelphia!

Go Rock Go!!!

Katie M a.k.a Red!

DANCIN’ DISH #6: Rock on a Roll!!
January 26, 2010

The Toronto Rock are definitely on a Roll and watch out cause we are getting closer to that Cup! What an amazing start to our season; the ACC is full of lots of energy and the girls so far have been power houses.

We were off to a bit of a slow start this year as we held auditions much later than normal so we really had to work over time to come up with so many great dances to share with you!  The outfits are definitely new too.  Something flashy and edgy, for sure.  In the past we have had someone make the costumes but this year they were ordered from an American company who outfits most of the NFL teams.  The outfits arrived in a small box and for many of the girls the first time they got to try them on was at the photo shoot!  They definitely stand out and you can’t miss the girls in the stands!


The magnet sales with the girls have been going really well.  The girls have been walking all over the main level prior to the home games selling the schedule magnets to raise money for cancer research and we thank all of you who have donated to such a worthwhile cause.

My favourite moment with the dance team so far this season was at the first home game when we went into overtime and 3 members of the dance team ran out on the field and just started tumbling and doing flips!  The crowd went wild and we all loved it!  It was nice to win that one and have the girls take a victory lap with the team around the ACC!

This week the girls are working with a new choreographer and then heading on the road to Rochester to cheer the boys to another victory.  When they return they will practice again on Sunday so that we have a few energetic, new dances to show off to you at the next home game Feb. 5th!

Thanks again for all of your support and cheers at the game, can’t wait for another win!


DANCIN’ DISH #5: Photo Shoot
January 8, 2010

As we all know being Canadian means we face some brutal weather during the winter months! Sunday January 3rd was one of those awful snowy days and the girls had to travel from places such as Guelph, Ajax and Brampton, all the way to downtown Toronto to complete our photo shoot for the 2010 Rock Season.
Not only was the weather a setback, one of our girls was stricken with an awful flu and her presence was greatly missed. Another was stuck in Montreal due to flight delays and we were bummed to not have the whole family together to share the photo shoot experience.

As per usual we pulled through and had yet another amazing and fun filled day at the coolest loft, where we do our team photos. We were nervous though as we tried on our costumes for the very first time ever, only hoping for the best at the utmost last minute possible!! Needless to say each and every one of us looked like bombshells and the shoot was a great success. We had a wonderful make-up artist on hand to aid with touch ups of both hair and make-up as well as an unspeakably talented photographer, Craig Boyko,  who continues to “wow” us with his work.  He does a great job of always making us look great. 

This year we have a few new tricks up our sleeves.  We will not be selling posters at Gate 1 anymore as that is so ‘alast season’, ha.  We will be selling magnets that will look great on fridges, in lockers or at the office.  They will include a small photo of the girls as well as the official Toronto Rock Schedule.  We don’t ask for much just a donation to support cancer research which is where all of the profits will go.  You will find us pre-game and during the game walking around and selling them, so bring along those loonies and toonies and support a great cause!

All in all the photo shoot was great, the roads and the weather were only minor setbacks and we all went home happy! Can’t wait for the pics to be processed and for our faithful fans to see us how much fun we really had!  You will soon be able to check us out on the rock website and in the program so be sure to buy a copy!

Looking forward to the 15th!
See you all soon,

DANCIN’ DISH #4: Season Ticket Party
December 14, 2009

So we just attended the Toronto Rock Season Ticket Holder Party at the Westin Harbor Castle, and what an amazing turn out of fans!  There were many familiar faces in the crowd and lots of new fans to add into the mix.  It was awesome to see the excitement on all their faces when they saw the players and of course the amazing dance team, right there in front of them!  It was such a great opportunity to get to talk and mingle with the fans.   We don’t often get the chance at games to stop and talk and get to know everyone  as we’re on the go for the entire game, dancing, doing promos and cheering on our Toronto Rock!!   The fans are the reason we do what we do.  They are cheering for us, on and off the field, so it was nice to show them our appreciation. 

We started off the event by getting as many people as we could to fill out ballots at their chance to win some amazing rock prizes!!  We felt so loved,  we posed for lots of pictures with fans!!   Some fans even brought pictures and old programs for us to sign, it’s  amazing feeling like a celebrity!   I couldn’t believe the response when we all got introduced in front of the crowd!  We’ve really got an amazing team this year, and we’ve been rocking it out at practice to get ready for the home opener.  We really want to wow the fans!! 

All and all the event was a huge hit!  We got to meet the fans, the guys on the team, and best of all we all got the chance to hang out together!  As this is my 5th season on the dance team, each season keeps getting better, and I’ve got a feeling that this will be the best season yet!!  So let’s get geared up to Bring home the Championship title!!!  GO ROCK GO!!

Xoxoxox Katie D

Make sure to check out the photos from the day:

On Saturday December 12th we had our season ticket holder party at the Westin Harbour Castle in Toronto. It was exciting to have everyone together before the season offically started. All the ROCK players were there to give autographs, there was plenty of food and drinks and it was a family filled enviornment trying to get everyone pumped up for the home opener Jan 15th. For me being a rookie on the Dance Team it was a lot of fun getting to know other people that are a part of the rock family, as well as a great oppourtunity to bond with the Rock dance team girls. The day was full of fun, taking pictures with everyone, annoucing the new management and team, but at the end of the day my feet were sore. I feel like this year is going to be an amazing year for the Rock and their fans because we feel championship in hearts for the 2010 season. Wishing all the rock family a great season to come and can’t wait to dance on the field for the first time in a couple of weeks. Everyone get ready to wear your black and red and chant, GO ROCK GO!!!!  
Blog by: Brittney C (Baby B)

DANCIN’ DISH #3: The First Practice
December 8, 2009

The season is only a month away, the Rock dance team hit the studio for their first practice. Hear all about it from Christy.


I woke up this morning with a smile on my face after our first dance practice last night. Even though this will only be my second year on the dance team, it feels like I have been dancing with these ladies forever. I made some truly great friendships last year that I know will last a lifetime. I look forward to getting to know the new ladies even more and developing great friendships with them as well. And what a good way to get to know someone then by sweating up a storm and sharing some laughs like we all did last night. We got right to it last night, Tiff started us out with an intense circuit workout, that I am definitely feeling today haha. I always look forward to Thursday night dance practice, it is a time to be with great friends, work hard and dance away any stress. We learned two new sidelines, practiced our audition dance, which we will be adding on to next week, and learned a new dance last night. Definitely accomplished a lot and still had a blast working hard. Everybody looks great and we are fitting together really well, I am so excited for our first game, with a great dance team and super fans behind them I know our boys will Rock it!
Go Rock Go!
Love y’all

DANCIN’ DISH #2: Making the Team
November 20, 2009

Tryouts are over and the 2010 Dance Team has been selected. Sabrina, a five-year veteran; and Brit, our fresh-faced rookie, take to the Dancin’ Dish blog to tell you all about it.

Phew!!! That is the sound of my big sigh of relief after the other nights Toronto Rock dance team auditions.  I’m excited to announce that I will once again be joining the dance team on the field at all Toronto Rock home games at the Air Canada Centre.  I’m extremely excited to begin this new season with a bigger and better dance team.  

Our dance team family has been expanded to 16 dancers!!!  The auditions are always a nerve wracking experience no matter how many times you’ve done it before.  Some people might think that veterans auditioning again have nothing to worry about, but that’s not true!  

Yes, we’ve been there before and have experience with the team, but there’s also a lot of eager fresh new faces and talent to compete with and we still have to prove that we’ve got what it takes on the dance floor.  And I must say I was really impressed with the talent I saw out there the other night.  It felt great to dance amongst such talented young ladies.  After a few hours of dancing and lots of sweat, the team was finally announced and I’m happy to be a part of it.  A new season for the dance team means new dances, new costumes, new friendships, lots of new memories, and a new opportunity to cheer our Toronto Rock team all the way to the championships…all of which I’m extremely excited about and looking forward to. 

As a veteran on the dance team, I would like to extend a warm welcome our new dance team members and am ready to work hard with all the ladies at the dance studio in preparation for the home opener!  I look forward to dancing on the field again and soaking in the amazing atmosphere at the Toronto Rock games. 

See all you Toronto Rock fans soon!!!

Hey Toronto Rock Fans!!

Officially the newest member of the Toronto Rock Lacrosse Dance Team!
“Rocked!” is the one word to sum up how I feel. My muscles are so sore, and I can hardly move.

I can’t wait to feel like this all the time! Practices start next Thursday & I am so excited to begin working hard & getting to know my new teammates!

All the girls at the tryout were awesome! The turnout was great & everyone was so excited to be there!  The intense dancing lasted approximately 2 hours. Everyone was really eager to help each other out, so that all the girls had the chance to do their best.

In the end, unfortunately, not everyone can make the team, and 16 terrific girls were selected. I am so excited to have been chosen to become a part of this incredible team.  I am looking forward to rockin’ out in front of thousands of screaming Toronto fans at the ACC & bringing the Championship back to Toronto!!

See you on January 15, 2010!!!


November 2, 2009


So hard to believe that the summer is over and Rock season is upon us once again!  Time does fly, but I am very excited to tie up my dancing shoes and get going with this year’s dance team.  There are a lot of changes to the Rock this year; from new management, a new office and an 18 member dance squad, but I have a really great feeling that we are going to bring the Cup back to TO where it belongs!

I have been involved with the dance team for 11 seasons.  That is very hard to admit, but I do still occasionally get carded at the Casino so I guess I look okay for all of the years of experience I have! Way back in the good old Maple Leaf Gardens days and the first two years at the ACC I was a member of the dance squad, but for the last several years I have taken more of a back-seat role as the dance team co-ordinator.  I am so lucky to be able to work with such a talented, beautiful and professional bunch of girls year after year and sometimes I have to stand back and take it all in for it really is a great job!

I have been there to see the boys take home the Cup on more than one occasion and I can tell you that never have I felt a building come alive like it does when TO takes home a Championship.  It is electric and contagious and I feel that it is about time that you all get to experience that same feeling!

In a couple of weeks we will be holding our annual audition for the Toronto Rock Dance Team.  This year we are switching things up a bit as we are increasing the squad from 12 members to 18.  We want to create a ‘wow’ factor on the field and suit up even more girls to help get the fans going and create some hype because, in my experience, the louder we are, the better the boys play! 

The girls practice once a week for three hours and let me tell you, they are three very intense hours.    The girls learn one, sometimes two dances a week and before the season starts we need to learn about 8 dances, get fitted for costumes, shoot the poster and the list goes on!  It is busy, but the girls are always smiling.

Over the years we have seen a lot of great talent pass through.  It is always hard to cut girls as emotions run high, but just like ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ not everyone can come out on top!  The judging panel usually gets into a few heated debates on who to cut and who to keep, but we always end up with a dynamite team! 

Throughout the season we promise to update you with all of the dancin’ dish that goes on in rehearsals, on the field and behind the scenes; there are lots of laughs, some tears and so many memories, so check back often for updates!

If you want to rock out with us or know someone else who would be a great asset to the 2010 Toronto Rock Dance Team, have you and them come out to the audition!  We can’t wait to meet you all!


Toronto Rock