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Dawick Moves On To Day 2 At World Series Of Poker

Toronto, ON – The 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event continued with Day 1B on Sunday as Rock Owner and President Jamie Dawick began the long journey towards the holy grail of poker in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The guaranteed top prize is $10,000,000 at this year’s tournament.   

As was the case in last year’s WSOP Main Event, Dawick rallied near the end of Day 1B and finished with 46,200.  That total is slightly better than the 45,225 chips he finished with after his first day of play at last year’s Main Event.  Play will resume for Dawick on Tuesday at 3pm ET.

Despite the big finish, there was an opportunity earlier in the day that could have seen Dawick increase his chip stack to 80,000 before the dinner break.

“I had pocket Kings and raised under the gun,” explains Dawick.  “There were two callers.  The flop came J-10-9.  I made a continuation bet and got called.  The turn was another 10, I bet, got raised and called.  The river was a Queen, and the other guy went all-in which would have put me in for my last 20K.  I laid it down because I thought he might have had a full house.  I’m still not sure if I didn’t have the best hand, and that would have given me a great chip stack before dinner.  It’s frustrating, and it wasn’t until I was able to double up with the A-K to get me back to where I was that I was off tilt.  I won 2 of my last 5 hands and where I ended (with 46,200) was the high point of my day.”

Day 1B chip leader was Trey Luxembruger with 193,450, however that is just shy of Martin Jacobson who bagged 200,100 on Day 1A and is the only player with over 200K in chips.

Dawick spent a small amount of time at the same table as the eventual chip leader Luxembruger, even taking a small pot from him.  Dawick noted that Luxembruger continually had his opponents shoving in against him but seemingly always had the better of it on his way to becoming the Day 1B chip leader.

“Switching tables was a good thing,” said Dawick who played at three different tables on Day 1B.  “I was short stacked and a new table gives you a fresh start.  Players might think you’re making a move with a weaker hand and you get a chance to get called.  All 3 tables were good and pretty tame, which makes things a bit easier.”

Dawick also ran into a fellow Canadian who happens to be the youngest player ever to win an event on the European Poker Tour (EPT) in 24-year old Mike McDonald.

“I was able to play with Mike McDonald who is a young pro from Waterloo,” said Dawick.  “He’s a really good player and recognized the Rock logo right away.  We had a good chat about the Rock.”

In total 1,428 of the Day 1B field of 2,144 bagged up chips and will be back in action on Tuesday for Day 2. Between those players and the 505 Day 1A survivors, that means 1,933 will be back in action at the Rio All-Suite Hotel for the first of the two Day 2s.

Day 1C will be played on Monday and it’s expected to set a new record for the largest Main Event starting flight, breaking last year’s mark of 3,467 on Day 1C.

More coverage to come as Dawick continues to pursue poker’s most prestigious prize on Tuesday at the Rio All-Suite Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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