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Here’s How We Make The Playoffs

With how tight the East Division has been this year, it should come as no surprise that everything is coming down to the final weekend of the season and possibly even the final game of the 2017-18 NLL regular season on Sunday evening to decide the Rock’s post-season fate.

Here are the scenarios that exist this weekend for the Toronto Rock.


Rock clinches playoff berth

Rock win vs. Colorado AND Georgia win vs. New England


Rock win vs Colorado AND Georgia win vs. Vancouver AND a Buffalo win vs. Rochester


Rock clinches 2nd Place in East Division

Rock win vs. Colorado AND a Georgia win vs. New England AND a Buffalo win vs. Rochester.  Should the Rock clinch 2nd place in the East, the Rock would host Buffalo in the East Division Semi-FInal at Air Canada Centre to open the playoffs.


Rock Eliminated

Rock loss to Colorado


Rock win AND two Georgia losses (Depending on the result of the Buffalo vs. Rochester game, this would either trigger a two-way tie (Rochester wins vs. Buffalo)with Georgia and Toronto for 3rd, which Georgia would win OR  (Buffalo wins vs. Rochester) a four-way tie for 2nd with Georgia, Toronto, Buffalo and Rochester in which Georgia (2nd) and Rochester (3rd) would clinch playoff berths.)


Rock win AND a Georgia win vs. Vancouver (Georgia Won) AND a Rochester win vs Buffalo (Rochester Won) AND a New England win vs. Georgia (This scenario would leave Georgia, Rochester and New England at 10-8, the Rock at 9-9 and Buffalo at 8-10)


Week 21 NLL Schedule

Saturday, Apr. 28

Vancouver 10  at Georgia 11

Rochester 15 at Buffalo 13

Toronto 15 at Colorado 19

Calgary 10 at Saskatchewan 11


Sunday, Apr. 29

Georgia at New England, 5pm ET

Toronto Rock