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NLL Tweaks Rules for 2012 Season

Toronto -The National Lacrosse League Board of Governors met in Toronto on Thursday to vote on proposed rule changes for the 2012 campaign and there are several tweaks that will be implemented for the coming season.

“These rule changes are expected to allow the players of the NLL to further display their speed and athleticism on the floor this season”, said League VP of Operations Brian Lemon.

  • From top to bottom, goaltenders equipment is shrinking and there’s a clear movement towards conformity. No longer will you see square shoulders taking up space in NLL nets around the league. The goalie’s gear will now be rounded and take on a shape that conforms to the body. Leg pads are an inch slimmer in width along with goaltenders arm and chest pads shrinking by an inch. All this means a little more room for the best players in the world to pick apart the men guarding the cage.
  • In an effort to speed up the transition of the game, following a change of possession, teams will now have just 8 seconds to get the ball over half from the defensive end to the offensive side as opposed to the previous 10 seconds that were allowed. Failure to advance past half in 8 seconds will result in a change of possession.
  • If the team with possession calls timeout while the eight second count is underway, a new 8 second count will begin when play resumes.
  • When a player commits a Major Penalty, his team will be short-handed until the five-minute penalty expires OR the opposing team scores three power play goals. Under the previous rule, a major penalty ended when the opposing team scored two power-play goals.
  • To reduce delays after a change of possession, when game officials blow the whistle to indicate a loss of possession, the player possessing the ball from the offending club must put the ball down on the turf immediately. A minor penalty will now be called on any player who throws, retains or rolls the ball away that results in a delay of game.
  • When players are changing, both feet must be within the boundaries of his team’s Substitution Area while waiting to enter the playing floor. The Substitution Area for each team is the area of the playing surface that is directly in front of the team’s bench. Players were previously only required to keep one foot in this area.

With the NLL draft completed earlier in the week, training camps are next up on the lacrosse calendar.  In a move that will impact how team’s move forward with their roster selection process, the number of players allowed to participate in training camp has increased from 36 to 40.  The Rock will not run a rookie and free agent camp as they had in previous years and go straight to main camp utilizing the new flexibility afforded by the increase in numbers.

The Toronto Rock will open their official training camp in late November.  The Rock will begin defence of their NLL Championship on Sunday, January 8 at Air Canada Centre against the Calgary Roughnecks. 

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