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Open Letter to the Fans

TO: Our 180,000 fans who attended our 10 home games last winter and to all our fans across Canada.

RE: The Omission of the Toronto Rock in the Toronto Star’s Ad run by the Toronto Blue Jays

Good day,

I’m writing this letter in response to the ad in today’s Toronto Star which appeared on pg. B8 titled “Best of Luck to the Boys of Winter. From the Boys of Summer.”

As an organization, the Toronto Rock Lacrosse Club should have also been included in the group “the Boys of Winter” as five-time world champions would naturally merit.

Dynasties do not happen often. Five of 7 championships should never be overlooked.

To our fans, we look forward to another great season. As we lift our fifth banner at the Air Canada Centre on Jan. 7, 2006 – the only other banner to be raised in this city since the Argos won the Grey Cup last November – we all recognize that the Rock is also a part of the “Boys of Winter” club.

To the grassroots support that has built the Rock, we look forward to being recognized by our fans and are not too worried about being passed over by the corporate people at Rogers.

See you at the game,

Brad Watters
Toronto Rock

Toronto Rock