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Rock Playoff Scenarios

Earlier today, the NLL released the official playoff scenarios that exist for the coming weekend of games.  The short story is, if the Rock beat Buffalo on Friday night AND Rochester OR New England lose on Saturday night, Toronto clinches a berth in the post-season.  Here’s the more detailed rundown.

Toronto Rock (8-7)

  • Toronto can clinch a playoff spot with a win Friday vs Buffalo AND one of the following: a New England loss Saturday at Saskatchewan OR a Rochester loss Saturday at Colorado
    • Win Friday vs. Buffalo AND New England loss Saturday at Saskatchewan
      • TOR cannot clinch with just a win
        • NE, TOR & ROC can finish in a three-way tie at 9-9.
        • NE would be 4-2 vs. ROC & TOR and finish second.
        • ROC would be 3-4 vs. NE & TOR and finish third.
        • TOR would be 2-3 vs. NE & ROC and finish fourth.
      • With a win, TOR has 9 wins can finish no worse than 9-9.
      • With a loss, NE would have 9 losses.
        • NE and ROC have one game left, so one team would join BUF with 10 losses.
      • Win Friday vs. Buffalo AND Rochester loss Saturday at Colorado:
        • With a win, TOR can finish no worse than 9-9.
        • With a loss, ROC would join BUF with 10 losses.


Toronto Rock