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Rockin’ the Mic





Shannon is back for 2011 and she visits training camp in the first episode of Rockin’ the Mic for the 2011 NLL season.



I was at the 2010 NLL Draft and caught up with Toronto Rock Head Coach Troy Cordingley, Owner Jamie Dawick and our draft picks. Maybe I’ll be drafted? I think I could be a good rookie

– Shannon


ROCKIN’ THE MIC #10: MSL Game 3 – Brampton @ Peterborough

I went to see my Toronto Rock Lacrosse guys duke it out in Game 3 of the MSL finals – Brampton @ peterborough – and caught up with Josh Wasson and 101.5 The Wolf’s Dani Stover

– Shannon


ROCKIN” THE MIC #9: Honda Indy Toronto




ROCKIN’ THE MIC #8: In the Off-Season



ROCKIN’ THE MIC #7: Playoff Edition

A 6-0 defecit. Well, for most teams that would be enough to throw in the towel. The Toronto Rock isn’t like most teams.
For those of you Rockers who weren’t in attendance at our playoff game on May 1st, the ACC was electric! While our Hot Rocks and staff members handed rally towels to the first 10,000 fans entering the ACC, we handed them out to fans patiently waiting in our will call line in order to get everyone ready to cheer on our boys. We even gave some to the Bandits fans, to wipe their tears – after the loss of course. Chants were heard from Union Station all the way to the gates and you could tell we would be in for an epic night.
Everyone was energized, hoots and hollers came from every end of the arena during O’Canada and the game was about to begin. The first promo that Shannon does every game is the “JB Goodhue Big Boot Relay”. There were 4 contestants, 2 Rock fans and 2 Bandits fans and she said, “make sure to start the night off the way we want to finish it, with a Rock victory.” They did just that, with a Rock fan race to the end we named Dave our winner (the Bandits fans had barely begun when our fans crossed the finish line). From there on we kept on a tight schedule with numerous promotions while listening to Buffalo fans applaude their team 6 times before the tables turned.
At the half, Rock owner Jamie Dawick put his money on the line as we played “Rock the Owners Wallet”. Not only did Scott, a season ticket holder, walk away with $500 cash from Jamie’s wallet, but also a jersey signed by all of our Rock players! Congrats again Scott. The Rock emerged from the dressing room, fired up, and we went on to dominate the second half of the game. Goal after goal we jumped up and down in our high heels screaming and high-fiving everyone in sight. Fans were up on their feet as we counted down the remaining seconds of the game 5… 4… 3… 2….. WHHOOAAAA!
Thanks to everyone who came out to support the Toronto Rock, and to all of you for your wonderful compliments about Rockin’ the Mic this year. While our next playoff game will be on the road, we had an amazing home season with each and every one of you. Keep rockin’ and make sure to cheer on our boys from wherever you are next Saturday. Maybe we’ll be cheering from Orlando?! Mission fit in a lacrosse bag starts now!

– S & K


ROCKIN’ THE MIC #6: Rockin’ the Jays Game

Take me out to the… Rock game? Nope, the Rock went to the Blue Jays game! Manning, Hoar and Campbell all sat down, in the best seats in the house, to watch a little baseball action and answer a few questions. They talk upcoming playoffs, what position they would play in baseball and of course how to score me a date with Blue Jays LF – Travis Snider. 
See you at our playoff game!
– S (who missed her K)



ROCKIN’ THE MIC #5: Favourite 2010 Memories

We wanted to know what everyone’s favourite Toronto Rock 2010 Season memory was. A first goal? Colin Doyle returning? Shannon being quiet? Check out what staff, players and fans said before our last regular season game.

– S & K



ROCKIN’ THE MIC #4: Brotherly Love!

We left on a jet plane to join the team as they took on the Philidelphia Wings, with 3 missions in mind.
#1 – eat the best Philly Cheesesteak in all of Philly.
#2 – have Shannon do the in-flight announcing for Porter Airlines.
#3 – get a Rock victory!
Think we completed our missions? Check out Rockin’ the Mic to find out.

– S & K


ROCKIN’ THE MIC #3: Black Out

We blacked out breast cancer on a Good, no scratch that, Great Friday! The boys were in black, and we were in bras. Check out what everyone said when we asked, “what does blacking out breast cancer mean to you?”

– S & K




ROCKIN’ THE MIC #2: Pre-Game Rituals
We’re not drinking Coca-Cola anymore, so the pre-game rituals have changed a bit. Check out the ACC media room, get to know our gameday producer, meet our guest co-hosts for Kidz Night, and come along with us as we show you what we do before the game!

– S & K


ROCKIN’ THE MIC #1: Get Way Into The Game
Hey Rock fans! We’re back, and we’re video blogging.
We wanted to take you inside Rock gameday! So follow us around the ACC to get a feel of what we do during the game.

– S & K


Hey Rock Fans! Welcome to our blog, Rockin’ the Mic. You may know us as the blonde and brunette dynamic duo on the video screen at the ACC, but we’re going to use this blog to give you the inside scoop as to what really goes on when we host the Toronto Rock home games. We’ll be posting videos of what goes on behind the scenes, what goes into hosting a lacrosse game, and even some Rock exclusives. Our first entry gives you a little bit of dirt on who we are. Enjoy!

 Don’t forget to say ‘hello’ during game days, and we’ll see you on the screen.

 – Shannon and Krista


Name: Shannon
Number of seasons with the Rock: Rookie

: Toronto, Ontario
Occupation: Assistant – Ministry of Health Promotion
Education: Honours English Degree, Post-Graduate Studies in Corporate Communications and Public Relations


My favourite Toronto Rock memory: So many to choose from… haha! I am going to go with my first game. We won against the Blazers in overtime, which was fantastic to watch. But my favourite part of it was all the fighting! I was very confused, turned to Krista and said, “is it always like this?”

My pre-game rituals include… heading down to the media room with Krista to have fountain pop. We’re both Coca-Cola addicts and if it was at all possible, would have it hooked up to us via IV. 

The one word that describes me best: Witty.  

Favourite thing about being inside the ACC: I walk the halls where other greats have, and continue to walk. Makes a girl feel all special inside.

The song I like to dance to when no one is watching is: I dance when everyone is watching, to anything. The list is lengthy and ranges from 80’s classics to hardcore hip-hop. 
My role model: My Mom, strongest woman I know.  

I am excited to be part of the 2010 Toronto Rock because: Everyone is like one big family. I am also thrilled that I am co-hosting with one of my closest friends – makes for great game days! 

My favourite Rock player: All of the Rookies! I am a new kid on the block too and am proud to be sharing my Rookie year with a lot of great talents.

Favourite thing about Toronto: The amount of trouble one can get into. There are endless possibilities when it comes to occupying your time in this city. I love the theatre, the food, the tiny shops and of course the sports (when we’re all winning, let’s pick it up Toronto teams).

I play sports! I play “let’s watch other coordinated individuals run around for 15 minute quarters.”

Best thing about working with Krista? I know her very well and she’s a big goof. She likes to have a lot of fun and doesn’t take herself too seriously. Plus she has done this before! She’s a great Captain for our Rock duo.

Worst thing about working with Krista? She’s rather attractive, it’s a little intimidating.

Favourite Rock song: My younger brother has given me an acceptable list of Rock bands that I am allowed to like so that I don’t embarrass him, myself, family and friends. This list includes: ACDC, Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd and The Doors. Thank you Derek for looking out for my Rock rep.

Who would win a dance-off between the two of us? I am not one to be cocky, but my roger rabbit is quite a finishing move. I would clench victory.

My unique or quirky habit is: I wear a sleeping mask at night. It makes me feel like a socialite.

My hidden talent is: I blow bubbles off my tongue! It’s saliva and slightly grosses people out, but I think it’s amazing.

I wouldn’t be caught dead… in a Patriot’s jersey, ever.

With a free hour of time I like to: Take a whirl around the aisles of Costco, they have everything and free samples!

If I were to be on a reality TV show, it would be: The Amazing Race. Krista and I could be the former pro-cheerleaders that they always seem to have on there, with matching outfits of course. 

Two things I consider myself to be very bad at: A rather short list ;) Catching a ball and ice skating. 


Name: Krista
Number of seasons with the Rock:  3
Hometown: Mississauga, Ontario
Occupation: Account Manager at Evanov Radio Group
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Radio and Television Arts from Ryerson University
My favourite Toronto Rock memory: I had the stomach flu during my very first Toronto Rock game. I missed all production meetings, my rehearsal and tour of the ACC. Not my best moment however I’m still amazed that I got through it successfully and didn’t embarrass myself on camera.

My pre-game rituals include… Walking down the aisles of the arena to get a feel for the place while enjoying an icy, cold coke. It’s amazingly refreshing.
The one word that describes me best: Positive.
Favourite thing about being inside the ACC: Working in the same building as hockey and basketball legends.
The song I like to dance to when no one is watching is: Every song! I can find the right moves to shake to anything.
My role model: My parents. They’re such an amazing couple and have always been an inspiration to me.

I’m excited to be part of the 2010 Toronto Rock because: I’ve been having fun every year I’ve been a part of the team. 2010 is especially exciting because I get to co-host with my long time friend, Shannon.
My favourite Rock player: Blaine Manning.

Favourite thing about Toronto: There’s always something to do to! Shopping, shows, sports, restaurants… There’s an endless amount of fun to be had in Toronto.

I play sports! People don’t believe me, but I am very athletic! I really enjoy playing volleyball, football and baseball and I don’t think I’m too shabby!

Best thing about working with Shannon? Shannon has such a huge voice and always demands the attention of a room. She constantly pushes me and keeps me on my game.

Worst thing about working with Shannon? That blonde hair sure is an attention grabber.

Favourite Rock song: ‘Wonderwall’ by Oasis.
Who would win a dance-off between the two of us? The only way to answer this question is with a Dance Off. Let’s boogie!
My unique or quirky habit is: I sing along to almost every song on the radio, even when I often don’t know the lyrics. I get pretty creative and annoy everyone else in the car.
My hidden talent: I can run up and down the aisles at the ACC in stilettos.
I wouldn’t be caught dead… smoking!
With a free hour of time, I like to: Cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie with my fiancé.
If I were to be on a reality TV show it would be: I am neither a professional dancer nor celebrity; however, I would rock Dancing with the Stars!
Two things I consider myself to be very bad at: Singing. I’m very, very bad. I’m sure everyone I know would agree. Another would be controlling my spending habits. I love to shop my paycheques away.


Toronto Rock