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School House Rock Program Expands

Toronto Rock Captain, Colin Doyle, brings the School House Rock program to schools in the community in an attempt to build lacrosse awareness while promoting an active, healthy lifestyle. Colin will also touch on the importance of teamwork, leadership and dedication to find success on and off the field.

Colin teaches students the basics of lacrosse and the history of the Toronto Rock using interactive demonstrations to get the students involved.  Our goal is to reach out to children, by suggesting ways to spend free time and offer fun and healthy activities to boost motivation and physical activity. Toronto Rock players hold full time jobs while playing lacrosse part-time which involves travelling on the weekends, game nights, weekly practices and intense workouts, making them great role models.

NEW FOR 2011!

Toronto Rock Captain, Colin Doyle, brings the Reading Rocks program to schools in the community in an attempt to promote the importance of reading to kids in kindergarten to grade two. Colin will spend 15-30 minutes reading a children’s lacrosse book to the class and will visit 3 to 4 classes per school. Our goal with this new program is to reach out to children by concentrating on the significance of reading from a young age to an adult.

Colin Doyle will visit your school in the morning, and bring the Reading Rocks program to 3 to 4 classrooms. He will then present the School House Rock Program to the entire school.

There are TWO ways to get these programs at your school; All we ask from you is the following;

1. Bring a Group to a Toronto Rock Game

Your School commits to a minimum of 20 tickets at a discounted rate as low as $12.00 to a 2011 home game. Here are a few ways you can promote this:

  • School Field Trip
  • Grade 8 Grad Trip
  • Send flyers home with the students (supplied by the Toronto Rock)
  • Teachers & friends night out


2. A Fundraising Opportunity

Through the Toronto Rock, your school will be able to fundraise AND enjoy an exciting team-building outing at a Toronto Rock home game!  

Your school would promote and market the fundraising game(s) with flyers created by the Rock.  Once the re-sell ticket price is set by your organization, the Rock will provide marketing materials (flyers, posters) customized to aid your fundraising effort.   Your school will then have the ability to re-sell these tickets to friends, family, neighbours and throughout your community at your own price determination, keeping the difference for your school!

For more information, please contact Jacquelynn Babcock at 416-596-3075 or email and take advantage of this great opportunity for your school!


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