Thank You Rock City!

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Dear Rock Fans,

The Toronto Rock are pleased to announce a new member joining the  team this season.  He is big and strong and has a smile to die for……the fiercest contender the NLL will ever see.  

He saw how close the Rock came to bringing home the Champions Cup last season and knew that if he ever wanted to be part of a winning squad, he’d have his best shot with the Toronto Rock in 2011.

Cursed with a reputation as a “soft player” growing up, he was determined to show he had a place in the lacrosse world.  Despite desperate attempts to get rid of his extra cushiony exterior, he would never lose his tag as a “soft player”!

Through all of his struggles and disappointment he came to discover that he does have a place in the lacrosse world after all – as the Toronto Rock Mascot.  The Rock needs your help in finishing up his profile and giving him a new name that will define him as the symbol of all that is Toronto Rock Lacrosse!

Please see the information sheet below to help us complete the rest of his Rock profile.  He is offering up a Toronto Rock prize pack to the individual he feels best grasps his fierce, competitive nature as well as his sense of humour and love of the game!

We hope you are able to help him and us out with this!  We’ll accept your submissions until December 10th 2010.  We look forward to seeing your suggestions!


Toronto Rock Staff



Toronto Rock