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The Toronto Rock Lacrosse Club has joined forces with KidsFest Canada as a Gold Level sponsor of the First Annual KidsFest Hero Bash. The inaugural event taking place on Thursday, October 15, 2009 aims to raise funds for the charity and the Toronto Rock is honoured to aid the organization in their fundraising efforts in hopes of eliminating childhood poverty.

“Every child should have the right to a bright and successful future without limitations,” said Jamie Dawick, president and owner of the Toronto Rock. “An astounding number of Canadian children live in poverty and we are happy to help KidsFest change that.”

KidsFest is a non-profit organization founded in 2000 by retired Canadian Football League player Brian Warren that is dedicated to providing children with the basic tools necessary to achieve life-long success.

Today, more than one million children, or almost one child in six, still live in poverty in Canada. In Ontario alone, the rate of child poverty has increased 41 per cent, to one in every five.

Through academic achievement, physical fitness and social interaction KidsFest enables elementary aged children to achieve their full potential in order to break the vicious cycle of generational poverty.

The Rock is committed to assisting charitable organizations with donations for events and fundraising initiatives related to children’s services, health care and services that support youth in lacrosse.

To learn more about KidsFest or to make a donation visit the KidsFest website.

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