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5 Questions With Bill Hostrawser

This week we crash into 5 Questions with Bill Hostrawser.

Q1: What has been your favourite Toronto Rock memory? 

A. My favourite Toronto Rock memory was getting the phone call from Terry Sanderson telling me I was going to be playing for the Rock. It was amazing knowing that I was going to have the opportunity to play for such a historic franchise and play in front of my family and friends.

Q2: You have $10 to spend at a gas station what are you getting?

A. Sour Cream and Onion Pringles, a pack of Hubba Bubba and a Gatorade.

Q3: Who do you admire the most?  

A. My son because he’s teaching me how to be a kid again and to have fun with everything I do in life.

Q4: What is your favoruite TV series?

A. Grey’s Anatomy because I want to learn how to be a doctor.

Q5: Who is the locker room DJ?  

A. Rosey is the locker room DJ, but I hear that Dan Dawson wants to be the DJ this year. It will be interesting to see the playlist he puts together for the boys. I also hear he’s a pretty good karaoke singer!

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