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MAN UP WITH….Mike Hominuck

When did you decide you wanted to be a pro lacrosse player?

I decided I wanted to be a pro lacrosse player when I was drafted by the Philadelphia Wings. I never aspired to be a lacrosse player because I never thought I was made to play in the league but, when I was drafted that’s when I started working at my game.

Best lacrosse memory?
Best lacrosse memory was when we won the 2001 Minto Cup at home in St. Catharines in front of family and friends. 2009 Mann Cup victory on the road in New West Minster was also a very special memory that will never be forgotten.

If you could change or add a rule to box lacrosse what would it be? 

If I could change one rule it would to get rid of the 30 second shot clock when you are a man down!

Best pump-up song? 

Tough one, but right now, it would have to be Thunder Kiss by White Zombie.

Have any pre-game rituals?
A good pre game nap is always key!

Your best lacrosse workout… 

My best lacrosse workout is doing circuit training with a ladder! Look it up!

p.s. We did look it up, here is the best website and video we found:

Ladder Agility Drills



One goalie you don’t want to go one-on-one with? 

I would have to say Chugs (Dietrich) or Whip (Watson). The two smartest goalies to ever play the game. A lot of miles there! lol

Describe your game style…

Being an undersized player I would have to say quick cuts with speed!

Who is the best player to ever hold a stick?
Best player to hold a stick is John Grant Jr. 

Best fight you’ve been in/seen? 
Best fight I have ever seen was between Evans and Snider in Rochester. They were just beating eachother and enjoying it.

In one word describe your “game face”.


What’s the worst injury you’ve had? 

The worst injury I have ever had was a second degree tear in my right ankle. I was off for 6 months and was 100% for close to a year.

Favourite thing about Toronto
My favourite thing about Toronto is the culture, the atmosphere of a big city, and our loyal fans.


Do you play any other sports?

I play hockey and I also leisurely play net games (i.e. squash, racket ball and pong)


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