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The Toronto Rock Lacrosse Club announced their list of protected players today, in preparation for the NLL Expansion Draft during which the new team from Boston will create their player roster.

The new Boston team enters the League this year as the NLL’s fourteenth franchise and will select one unprotected player from each of the thirteen existing NLL teams to build their 2008 team roster during the 2007 Expansion Draft scheduled for next Tuesday, July 31st 2007 via conference call at 2:00 p.m. EST.

The Expansion Draft allows the current NLL teams to protect up to fourteen players on its roster and no team may lose more than one player. Teams can either protect one goaltender and thirteen of its runners, which includes forwards, defensemen and transition players OR two goaltenders and ten runners.

Toronto Rock Protected List
Bob Watson (G)
Mike Poulin (G)
Jim Veltman (D/T)
Josh Sanderson (F)
Blaine Manning (F)
Aaron Wilson (F)
Ryan Benesch (F)
Chris Driscoll (D/T)
Derek Suddons (D)
Rob Marshall (D/T
Matt Carroll (D/T)
Kevin Fines (F)

Due to a season ending knee injury in the major lacrosse series this summer, Rock forward Chad Thompson is not included on the protected player list.

Results of the Expansion Draft will be posted live at the league’s official website, on July 31st 2007.

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