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Toronto Rock Selects Trainer’s Choice as Official Supplier of Sports Medicine Products

The Toronto Rock Lacrosse Club announced it has selected Trainer’s Choice once again as its official supplier of sports medicine products, as well as a preferred partner for its therapy and rehabilitation program.

Trainer’s Choice is the largest sports medicine product supplier in Canada, providing the team with training room materials, medical supplies and a wide range of support products such as wrist and knee braces. Rock athletes also travel to Sports Medicine in Barrie, a branch of Trainer’s Choice for ongoing athletic and physiotherapy when required.

“The athletic therapy experts at Trainer’s Choice play an integral role in providing guidance on how to rehabilitate an injury, as well as which sports medicine product is suited for a specific injury,” says Dave Murray, Toronto Rock’s Head Athletic Therapist. “It’s great to have one reliable source for sports medicine advice and products.”

Murray says that lacrosse, like hockey, is a fast-paced, high impact sport in which injuries can run the gamut from concussions to severe knee injuries and ankle sprains. Murray works with team physicians when surgery is required, designing and overseeing the treatment and rehabilitation of players once an injury has been assessed.

During the NLL season, the Toronto Rock players practice once a week with games on most weekends from January to May. Many of the athletes also hold down full-time jobs, so when an injury occurs it not only keeps a player out of the line-up, but also has implications at home, school and at work.

“Trainer’s Choice is thrilled that the Rock will be relying on our expertise and products,” says Rick Schaly, President of Trainer’s Choice. “We design each of our products based on the needs of top-level athletes, but they’re also for people from every walk of life. Because regardless of your profession, when you’re injured you need to recover as quickly and fully as possible and get on with life, work as well as sport.”

About Trainer’s Choice

Trainer’s Choice is the official sports medicine supplier to hundreds of Canada’s athletes including the Toronto Argonauts football club, the Canadian Soccer Association, NHL Alumni as well as Hockey Canada’s international men and women’s hockey teams. Trainers and team doctors rely on the company’s complete line of products to help athletes “stay in the game.”  Trainer’s Choice products are now available across Canada at selected pharmacies including Loblaw’s, PharmaSave and Shopper’s Drug Mart. For more information visit

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